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November 24, 2012
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The Bloom, The Babs and the Bubbly by WaltzBrony The Bloom, The Babs and the Bubbly by WaltzBrony
:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletblue: THE BLOOM, THE BABS AND THE BUBBLY :bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletyellow:


I JUST HAD TO DO THIS LMAO.. The Good the Bad and the Ugly is in my Top 2 Favourite Movies of all time.. so this was kind of exciting for me to do.. And I got to draw the new filly which was quite awesome!<3

(c) My Little Pony FiM belongs to Hasbro
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Looking at this picture, I see no major flaws in but a few minor flaws. The revolver in Babs hoof seems to be pointed straight at Applebloom's head, I really don't know if it was on purpose but an vertical angle would work kind of towards Babs hair. The title under Derpy (Ditzy I don't know you go for but oh well) could use a few adjustments, both 'a's' are hard to read but yet again I don't know what style you are going for...
Other than the minorities it is very eye appealing and Derpy's look is very funny.
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Let's begin with Vision, it's obvious what you were going for was a parody of the Good the bad and the ugly, you achieved what you were going for and had many viewers see the same. That takes skill. However, the title and the clothes they are wearing are the only things that would tell you that. In the original cover of the movie, they are placed in a very different fashion... so 4.5

Originality... Spot on, only a few hours after the show and you were able to come up with this clever parody that sure through plenty of viewers back. This movie is arguably one of the greatest movies of all time and to associate ponies with it, takes some serious talent.

Technique, Although the picture itself is great, the brand new pony Babs is almost spot on and the alliteration on the names of the three is perfect there is still room for improvement. The text is a little difficult to read, and babs appears to be ready to blow off the unsuspecting Applebloom skull clean off. While AB seems to be more concerned with shooting her hat. Though this may be nit picking at detail but how is AB going to put that one with that giant bow on her head. Also Derpy hooves has no sense in being here besides helping the name fit perfectly being that her cutey mark is bubbles, but I digress.

Impact, this definitely left a huge impact and both myself and many of the viewers, you wowed everyone with the speed of this upload, and again this definitely gave us some fond memories of an outstanding movie, and it's great how the facial reactions match that of there name. The guns could have been drawn better, yet it still gave us the impact of such an amazing movie. This is clever and one of your best pieces yet, I look forward to more from you Waltzbrony.
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RegalWyvren Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
oh you.
I actually expected someone to do this reference, and thank you for doing this. it put a smile on my face. :)
OH wow.

I love that movie.

I got to see it with my father and it was just, oh wow. I am loving this image.
Should've been the "Bloom", the Babs and the Bubbly, in my op.

Alliterative Appeal.

But hey, it's still good :)
BB-K Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, the bubbly. :XD:
haha this is great. keep up the good work.
Absolutely perfect friend.
WaltzBrony Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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